Here are 7 reasons   we want to 


Jane Gillette actively supports government overreach.


Throughout the session, Rep. Jane Gillette has advocated for bills that would put lawmakers between Montanans and their doctors, including a bill that would prevent parents, transgender teens, and their doctors from making critical healthcare decisions.


Who is Jane Gillette?
Jane Gillette represents House District 64 in the Montana legislature. The district covers Big Sky, Four Corners, and West Yellowstone. 
Jane Gillette puts party wins before her constituents.


Rather than fighting for the health and economic recovery of our communities, Rep. Jane Gillette is prioritizing partisan wins like legislating LGBTQ discrimination and making it harder for Montanans to register to vote. She even went so far as to  introduce HB 209, a bill that would have established parental rights for convicted rapists.
Jane Gillette shifts blame.


She introduced a bill that bans ACA insurance from covering abortion, and when asked why her bill made no provisions for survivors of rape or incest, she lied and blamed the bill drafter. Emails showed, however, that she’d specifically asked the drafter to remove those exceptions.
Jane Gillette is a GOP Mouthpiece.


Rather than serving as an independent voice for her constituents, Rep. Jane Gillette has fallen in line with and is helping the new extremist version of the Republican party - voting 97% with the majority of the Republican caucus. There are only four legislators who vote more often with their caucus than Rep. Jane Gillette. 
Jane Gillette stretches the truth.


Touting her credentials as a doctor, she regularly speaks in support of legislators getting involved in conversations between Montanans and their medical providers. In reality, she’s a dentist. Dental health is important, but dentists are not experts on reproductive health. 


Jane Gillette doesn't even live in HD 64.
It comes as no surprise that she’s not interested in working for the people of HD 64, since she lives in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Bozeman, the Village Downtown. She doesn't reflect our values.


Jane Gillette wants to make healthcare even harder to access. 
Gillette introduced HB 676, which changes eligibility requirements for Medicaid and CHIP (the Children's Health Insurance Program). It would tie Montana families up in bureaucratic red tape risking access to critical healthcare services while wasting time and state resources. This is a bad policy at any time, but it's particularly devastating during a public health pandemic.